US Open Qualifier to Come to Decatur


DECATUR-A national tennis tournament that gives anyone a shot to play in the US Open is coming to Decatur this summer. 

The tournament will be held at Fairview Park  and it will include men's singles, women's singles, mixed doubles.

After winning in Decatur, players would head to the us open national playoffs in Connecticut. 

Chuck Kuhle who heads tennis at the park district and the Decatur Athletic Club, says it's an event that can turn unknowns into pros.  

"It gives you a chance, you don't have to be in the circuit to work your way into the US open, because that's the way you normally do," Kuhle says.  "Anyone can enter into the tournament and if you win here, you move on."

The tournament will be held June 20th through the 24th.  Registration opens online March 15.  If you'd like to enter we've added a link to our web site under sitewatch.  

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