Moweaqua Residents to Vote on the Sale of Alcohol


In Moweaqua, voters will be deciding whether or not to allow the sale of alcohol. It's been prohibited for quite some time and the city is split on changing that. It will be a referendum on the up coming primary election ballot. Some believe it will boost the economy and some don't.

"I think it'll boost the economy," said Moweaqua resident, Danny Sample. "You know, more money for the economy here in Moweaqua."

According the Ashton Morrison, the manager of Moweaqua grocery store, "It could boost it, but it could also increase the accidents within the economy. I've heard stories of how it was when alcohol was sold in this town and it didn't seem like it improved at all."

This isn't the first time residents will be voting on this. It's been a ballot measure three times before.

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