City Council to Vote on Streetscape Improvements


DECATUR-Downtown has gotten a major makeover but it hasn't stretched to Franklin Street.

Monday night, city council is voting to change that.  Part of the plan, is nearly two million dollars worth of upgrades to the sidewalks, lights, plants, and street.  

City council is voting to appropriate money, to make agreements with the state, and to pick a contractor. Because most of the project will be paid for by a state grant, the city will have to follow the state's scheduled
Construction could begin in July, but City Manager Ryan McCrady says they won't get in the way of the Decatur Celebration. 

The bulk of the work won't happen until after the Celebration, that's one thing they should know, so we won't be impacting the Decatur Celebration with that.  The most intense Construction will be fall of this year and spring of 2015 when we get it finished up. 

The project will cost nearly two million dollars.  More than one point two million of that coming from a state grant. 


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