Monticello Bus Service Closes


MONTICELLO-A Central Illinois bus service is shutting it's doors.  The Monticello Bus Service, a charter and school bus service  founded in 1946, is now out of business.

The vice president and co-owner tells WAND he's not at liberty to say why they're closing. 

Around seventy five people in Illinois and Missouri lost their jobs as a result.  Service stopped on March 14th.  At one point, they had a fleet of 185 school buses serving five school districts and nearly a dozen charter buses. 

Vice president and co-owner Jim Pownall has been with the company for 29 years and is sad to see it close.

"It's time for me to retire," Pownall says.  "And this was a bad way to do it, but in a way, it's good."Pownall says he is staying around to mail in checks to the bank but that bus service is stopped. 

The Superintendent for the school district in Bismarck, Missouri contracted with Monticello Bus Service.  The superintendent says they were informed of the company's closure abruptly and had only 4 days to find an alternate means of transportation for the students.   


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