Decatur Public School Board announces Lisa Taylor as new superintendent


Decatur - A new superintendent for Decatur Public Schools has been announced.


The retirement of Gloria Davis opened the door for another woman to take over the leadership role at Decatur Public Schools. After going through 45 applicants, and interviewing 6 people the Decatur Board of Education voted to welcome in Lisa Taylor as the new superintendent.


Five out of 7 board members believe Taylor is the right person to lead District 61. Taylor has been working for Decatur Public Schools for 12 years. She also held the title of Central Office Administrator and Deputy Superintendent.


Taylor comes in at a difficult time, with many cuts waiting to be voted on. She says, with the budget being several million dollars in the hole it's something she's prepared for. " I think this year and the board made a comment about budget reductions. We are impacting fewer people that we had before. So they really made a consorted effort not to eliminate people. To look at positions of someone who could be retiring to look at other ways to be really strategic with funds."


While many people are sure Taylor is capable of filling the shoes of retired superintendent Davis, two board members, Sherri Perkins and TJ Jackson Junior, voted against hiring Taylor. At last night's meeting Perkins said, it was a waste of tax payers money, and she doesn't think Taylor is right for the job.



Taylor says she has big plans for the challenges the school district faces. "I feel like I have a good idea of what the district needs and what the community needs."


Lucky for her she knows this district and community well, she's not an outsider coming in. "I know its a tough job.  I tell people all the time, Decatur is a challenging place to work. We are very diverse.  It's our greatest strength and with it comes challenges.  We have a kids at the top end and we have kids with a lot of needs"


Taylor closed by saying she's sticking around to do what's best for the community. Watch the full interview with Taylor in the video section above.

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