More Than 31,000 Water Meters Are Being Replaced


The City of Decatur is spending millions of dollars to upgrade every water meter in the city.

"This is a city wide project to upgrade all water meters and the technology to be able to read those meters back to the city, for more accuracy, said water meter technician, Curtis Hartung."

The city will no longer have to send employees to read water meters each month and the new technology would allow multiple readings to be taken every day.

"This is actually a better way to keep track of the water usage, because many homes are still on crawl spaces and a customer would not know that they have a leak.. where the new system will be able to detect things like that, said Hartung."

Residents should be receiving a letter in the mail notifying them of the company's upcoming visit to their area. But plumbers want you to pay attention to a few details to make sure you aren't opening the door for a perpetrator.

"They should actually make sure that it is a Corix or city employee," said Hartung. "All vehicles should be properly marked so they'd be able to see that from a window or door before they came in. And then also, each technician should have proper badging and identification with them."

Debbie Cherry had her meter updated this week.

"I wasn't really afraid of them or anything because their truck was marked and they had their badges on and their vests and stuff, said Cherry."

The upgrade will take roughly 30 to 40 minutes. There is no charge. All you need to do?

"Just know that we will be replacing a meter," said Hartung. "So if we can actually have an open space to get to that meter and that there will be a disruption in their water service for a few brief moments."

The total cost of the project comes to 17 million dollars.

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