Coles County Commemorates the Charleston Riot


You ask some people in Coles County about the Charleston Riot and they will give you an answer.

"It was between citizens who opposed the war and Lincoln's policies," says Civil War re-enactor, Rod Miller.

..And union troops in support of those policies. A battle 150 years ago that took the lives of nine soldiers and wounded 12.

"And this certainly made people think more about the anti-war movement, and the people that were tired of the Civil War and tired of all the deaths that seemed to be, at that point, for nothing, said Miller."

Saturday and Sunday in Charleston, re-enactors are presenting speeches, performing scenes, and giving tours of historic sites from that time.

"Some of these homes were built in the 1800s," said one tourist. "This would have been the first home that was built. The houses still standing right now are pretty amazing, Some of insides are still like they were back when they used to live in them."

Tourists say the preservation of these monuments is important.

"I think we need to remember that history repeats itself if we don't study history."

Miller agrees.

"I think it's important that we commemorate the Civil War and what that meant to our country.

The official re-enactment of the entire riot will be Sunday at 3pm.

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