What Retail Shops/restaurants would you like to have in Decatur?


Decatur- Residents are speaking out about what retail shops and restaurants they would like to have in Decatur at a retail feedback tour.

"Sonic comes to mind. . . people in Decatur love to eat," said Decatur's City Councilman Pat McDaniel.

"Home Depot is really big on the list. As far as restaurants Sonic is really big, Chipotle and Golden Corral," said Decatur's Economic Development Officer Patrick Hoban.

People have also stated they would like to have a Forever 21, Old Navy, Nike, Scheels and other shops in Decatur.

"We want to see some retail stores and restaurants that Decatur doesn't have and no one else does," added McDaniel.

The city held its second retail feedback tour on Monday. Once city leaders collect suggestions, they will pitch ideas to retail owners.

McDaniel told WAND they will "go after some of these restaurants and say hey you're wanted in Decatur and we want ya here."

Whatever the business is, city leaders are trying to make sure for lease signs are replaced with a coming soon sign.

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