Workers Call for Raise in Minimum Wage


Springfield - Workers, who are paid at minimum wage, said at the State Capitol on Tuesday, it's time for an increase at a state and federal level.

The state's current minimum wage is $8.25, which is tied for third highest in the country.

Federal legislation would push it up to $10.10.

Decatur representative Sue Scherer has legislation in Illinois to increase the wage as well, telling WAND News that for many, minimum wage is not enough to provide for families.

"There are so many more now, who are adults who can't find a good, decent job and they're working on a low-paying job of minimum wage, and they're trying to support an entire family.  Lot's of single moms are trying to do that with children at home," said Scherer.

Some lawmakers have said that the minimum wage was never intended to be a career-long working wage, and that if raised, instead of being positive, it will be a job killer.

"The minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage.  It's an insult to the poor to say,'hey, we love you and we're going to give you more money, but we only expect you to hit this ceiling.'  this is a job killer and this will hurt the same people that those in favor of this bill say they're trying to help," said Vandalia senator Kyle McCarter.

Governor Pat Quinn has said that increasing the minimum wage is one of the key things the state can do to help speed up Illinois' economic recovery.


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