Program Turning Lives Around for Women on Parole


Decatur- For four years, a transitional home for women on parole has been operating in Decatur. Now, the Executive Director Angela Corrigan is trying  to help more women in need.

Leica Edwards has been in and out of prison four times for selling drugs. She knew the last time she was behind bars she needed to change her life.

"I just wanted to live different and I needed God," Edwards said.

Her last time at the Decatur Prison she met Corrigan.

Corrigan would visit the prison and have an one on one interview with the inmates. Once she selected who she wanted in the program she would pick them up and take them to the transitional home. She said, her plan is to make them feel welcome.

"This house has a feeling to it. It's a whole different environment that it is in prison," Corrigan added. "We want to rebuild these women from the inside out."

At the Decatur faith based transitional home called Greater is He Ministry, they provide a nurturing environment for a successful transition, however, there are rules and they are strict.

"It's a reason why the rules are like they are because we don't want to live like we used to," Edwards said.

"I meet with them every week. They set up their goals and we make sure they don't hit obstacles that will prevent them from moving forward," Corrigan said.

So in the end their lives are turned around.

"It wasn't hard for me because I wanted to live different, so I knew that I had to change things about myself," Edwards said.

Along with structure, the program also provides job placement and all of the necessities any woman would need. One rule because it is a faith based program, the women have to go to church.

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