Bement Holds Town Meeting Over Drug Problem


Drug abuse in a small Central Illinois town has the attention of the community and the sheriff. One person has died in Bement from an overdose. On Wednesday night the town held a community meeting and calling on citizens to take action.

"My name is Andrew and I'm a recovering heroin addict and yesterday was my 60th day clean."

Applause followed as the Bement resident gave his testimony. But, the tragedies of this past weekend prove that not everyone is as lucky as Andrew.

"This weekend we had two subjects that were involved in drug overdoses," said Piatt County Sheriff, David Hunt. "One passed away and one was able to survive."

There's a beast in Bement that's not letting up.

"I think heroin is the main concern. We do know that heroine played a part in the overdoses."

Wednesday night, the community came together to discuss what they can do to get this drug out the city. Parents were urged to be more aggressive in keeping they're kids educated and responsible.

"What we are worried about is our children that are at the park playing," said one concerned resident. "What if they find this needle? What if they find this bag? What if they find someone asking them here try this. It is up to us to make sure that our children are not being given these situations where they can try the drug."

At Wednesday night's meeting local law enforcement and community leaders united in one message: They need the help of the entire village to eradicate this issue.

"We believe that they're some individuals in town and getting it and bringing it back to the kids. What we need from the citizen is for them to participate and give us information on who's bringing it in, at what times, so we can act upon that information and arrest those people."

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