Central Illinois man among the dead, after Fort Hood shooting


FORT HOOD, Texas - An Iraq War veteran being treated for mental illness opened fire Wednesday on fellow service members at the Fort Hood military base. The shooting killed four people, including the shooter, and wounding 16 others at the same post where more than a dozen people were slain in a 2009 attack, authorities said.


One man from central Illinois was among those killed. 37-year-old Army Sergeant Timothy Owens grew up in Effingham before, moving to Missouri.


His family says he was stationed at Fort Hood, where he worked as a counselor. Owens was married just last August.


Glen Welton of Effingham is Owens' cousin. Welton says he learned of Owens' death Wednesday in a telephone call from Owens' wife, Billie Owens.


The injured were taken to the base hospital and other local hospitals. At least three of the nine patients at Scott and White Hospital in Temple were listed in critical condition.


The shooter apparently walked into a building and began firing a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol. He then got into a vehicle and continued firing before entering another building.


He was eventually confronted by military police in a parking lot. As he came within 20 feet of an officer, the gunman put his hands up but then reached under his jacket and pulled out his gun. The officer drew her own weapon, and the suspect put his gun to his head and pulled the trigger a final time, according to Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley, senior officer on the base.


The gunman was never wounded in action, according to military records, Milley said.


There was no indication the attack was related to terrorism, Milley said.


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