City to replace and repair water mains on south side


Decatur - The Decatur City Council has approved an agreement to repair and replace water mains on the city's south side.


The city will work with Entler Excavating to replace and repair water mains at Medial Drive and U.S. route 51 and along South Side Drive at Ward Branch.


A new main will be created under Route 51 at Medial Drive to create a second connection to the neighborhood west of U.S. 51.  The second phase of the project will replace a section of a water main, along South Side Drive and extending from Ward Branch west of Farm & Fleet.


The City's Annual Water Main Replacement project targets water main segments throughout the City experiencing a high rate of main breaks or that require extensive repairs. The Water Management Department tracks each repair made and uses the compiled data to determine which water mains need to be replaced and then the list is prioritized to meet the available funding.


Both mains have experienced breaks in recent years. The  segment of water main has had several breaks over the years, including a break in 2010 that destroyed a large section of South Side Drive. The agreement with Entler Excavating is for $294,060.88.


The city council has also hired a contractor for the dredging process. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. has been hired to dredge all four basins of Lake Decatur and to rehabilitate the Oakley Sediment Basin to store silt as it is removed. The work will span 5-6 years and increase lake capacity by 30%.

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