City Rolls out Economic Development Web site



DECATUR-The city is rolling out a web site they hope will boost business.
The idea.Is to help existing businesses grow and to lure in other businesses to town  by having one central location online with user-friendly data and information.  It's called "Decatur retail dot com".  
It gives potential and existing businesses access to local market data. Economic Development Officer Patrick Hoban says it gives businesses free market research.
He says Decatur is the first city in Illinois to have this business-supporting technology. "The big thing for the web site right now is to help the local businesses grow and that's under the local business intelligence section," Hoban says. "That's where you can see how you stack up against other businesses in your industry, across the state, and the nation."
The web site also allows consumers a place to give input.
It has info on local places to eat or shop with rankings and a feedback section using Yelp.
Hoban says soon the web site will also have a list of available sites so that potential business developers can see what locations are open to them. 
This new economic tool fits in with the city's already existing retail feedback tours.
 Here's a list of the most requested businesses:
1.       Chipotle
2.       Sonic
3.       Golden Corral
4.       Forever 21
5.       Whole Foods/Trader Joes
6.       Scheels
7.       Coldstone Creamery
8.       Nike
9.       Noodles Co
10.     Chick Fil A



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