FedEx to Expand Springfield Ground Shipping Center


Springfield - Simply put, FedEx saw an increase in the demand for ground shipping.  

That means more space is needed at the ground shipping center in Springfield.  

That's especially good news because it will mean more jobs once the project is completed.

Construction is expected to be complete this fall.

Company spokesman David Westrick told WAND News in a statement that,"FedEx ground is in the process of expanding a distribution center at 2951 granger drive in Springfield that will be more than 68,000 square feet when it is completed in September.  At its full capacity, the expanded facility will nearly double the number of packages we are capable of handling in the area.  And allow us to continue to meet and exceed customer needs in the region.  Once the expansion is complete, we will add to the workforce as necessary to support increased demand for service in the area."

When those jobs are added it's expected that there will be plenty of competition trying to fill those jobs.  

If you're wanting to work for the company, FedEx has said that they're always looking for experienced truck drivers as well.


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