Weather delays spring planting for farmers


Thomasboro -- By this time last year, crops were already in the ground and farmers were waiting for them to grow. But this year, seeds haven't even been sown, and it's all thanks to the weather.

Even though temperatures are on the rise after a brutal winter, it's still not warm enough to begin the planting season. Farmers like to sow their seeds when the ground temperature is around 52 degrees, but it's not quite there yet.

The recent stream of April showers also isn't helping. The rainfall keeps the ground temps low and the soil soggy.

Even though they are off to a late start, Central Illinois farmers like Joe Burke say there is still time to save the season.

"It just depends what happens later on in the growing season, if the rain stops, and we don't get anymore rain, obviously that would detract from it," said Burke, who grows soybeans and corn on his farm in Thomasboro. "But it's too early to tell."

If the weather warms up and stays dry, Burke expects to start planting his crops around the end of the April. However, Burke says Mother Nature will decide when those seeds go in the ground.

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