Johns Hill Magnet School of Rock!


His shades are on, his fingers hot, Wade Mills plays like a cool breeze. He's one of the founding members of a new band that plans to take Central Illinois by storm.

"I remember the first practice, it was just me and one of the drummers, said Mills. "And we didn't have a lot of people at first. So Mr. Miller.. he eventually got a lot of people to play with us."

Brendan Jackson was one of the recruits.

"They said they needed a saxophone player, and since then, Mr. Miller has came and got me in the morning because my parents can't," said Jackson. They have work. And since then, I've been in the rock band."

Tom Miller is the director of Johns Hill Magnet School's newest music group. A handful of members from the school's concert band decided they wanted to play classic rock and roll. So last winter.. they met every Friday morning leading up to their first live performance in January.

"Following that, we realized how kind of fun it was and how much fun the students had so we looked for another opportunity to play and this was one of them that showed up," said Miller.

The kids played for a packed house Wednesday evening at Paco's Sol Bistro in Decatur.

"Now, we get to do the fun exciting things," said Mills. "The funky licks we get to throw in there. We get to perform in front of a large audience and, you know, they get to go tell a lot of people about us."

And get the word out about the newest rock stars in town. The band also got to raise money to help cover travel fees for upcoming shows. Ten percent of all of the pre-tax food sales from Wednesday night goes back to the band.


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