Some Groups Calling for Changes to Concealed Carry Signage


Springfield - If you have a concealed carry permit, and you see a sign that says no guns allowed, you know you can't bring it in.

But what if you're at home, and someone visits your home while carrying a gun. and you didn't know it?

That's the concern of the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

They lobbied lawmakers on Thursday to support a bill that would do the opposite.

For private property owners, it would require the owner to place a sign stating that a firearm is permissible on the property.

The group's spokesperson said it's about clarifying any confusion that property owners may have about allowing weapons in their home or business.

"We've had concerns about the private property aspects of the new concealed carry law, specifically for private residences.  It's not clear to me whether I have a contractor or guest coming to my house whether I have to put a sign up on my door.  This instead would give businesses a choice to decide if they want to allow guns, and then post a sign saying yes, I'm giving my expressed permission and I allow firearms on my property.

Concealed carry supporters said that they felt this legislation would only confuse people, and that it would make it easier for those carrying a gun break a law without meaning to.


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