U.N. Says Climate Change Needs Our Attention NOW


A new report from the U.N. says the issue of climate change is more urgent than you think. Sunday, the United Nation's expert panel on the topic said the world has just 15 years to make a massive effort to reduce global warming. If we let the problem build longer than that, the technology needed to fix it will be incredibly expensive. Many government officials and citizens have been skeptical of whether or not global warming exists. But after the droughts and erratic weather of the past 2 years, some say it's time to wake up.

"I think it's kind of like what that old thing in the bible says.. unless you see, you don't believe," said Decatur resident, Arthur Wilson. "And I think it's coming to light. We're starting to see a lot of things so now it's more serious."

According to the panel, emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases must drop by 40-to-70 percent by the year 2050 to keep the global temperature from rising too much.

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