IRS tax tips for last-minute filers


WASHINGTON -- Tuesday, April 15, is the deadline to get your taxes filed, or request an extension.

So, if you've procrastinated and waited until the last day to file your taxes, the IRS offers up a few tips to make things easier.

Request an extension.
An automatic six-month extension to file through October 15, 2014 gives you an extra six months to file but not to pay. If you owe or think you owe, try and full pay it on or before April 15 to avoid any potential penalties and/or interest.

Get to a computer and hit 'Enter'.
E-file is safe, accurate, less time consuming and popular. More than 90% of all returns into the IRS thus far in 2014 have been e-filed. In addition, the IRS Free-File program is available to everyone and direct deposit is the quickest way to a tax refund.

Consider payment options if you owe.
Can't full pay? Consider options such as an installment agreement plan or an offer-in-compromise. The IRS urges those who cannot fully pay their taxes to file a return, pay what they can and let the agency know. IRS has the flexibility to help.

Help is available.
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