Man accused of giving bath salts to a minor


Decatur - A man from Macon County is accused of giving bath salts to a minor.


Keith Tate, 36, was arrested on Sunday, after a 17-year-old boy told deputies that Tate pressured him to take the drugs. The minor told police, Tate supplied drugs to three other people at a party on Friday and Saturday night.


Police found dark brown bruising on the minors hand were he injected the bath salts with a syringe. The minor told police he didn't say no, because he was scared of Tate.


Tate told police he never gave any drugs to the minor. Instead Tate said he found the bath salts in a room and decided to try the drug.


Tate is charged with Endangering the Life and Health of a Child and Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor. His bond is set at $75,000  

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