Decatur Running Club Remembers Boston Marathon Victims


Mt. Zion- Three people were killed and more than 250 were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings one year ago. On April 15th, the nation remembered those victims through ceremonies and tributes. In Central Illinois, runners gathered to support Boston.

On Tuesday, athletes with the Decatur Running Club ran 4.15 miles starting at Fletcher Park in Mt. Zion to remember the lives lost in Massachusetts.

Julie Rotz qualified to run in the marathon last year. Her husband did not qualify, but Mark Rotz met her at the 20 mile mark. Julie said, they were about half a mile from the finish line when she and her husband were stopped. 

"All the runners stopped and we heard people shouting," Julie said.

Mark said, "All of a sudden I saw a police officer on a bicycle just sped out of there and tell people stop the race. Stop running."

Runner Kendall Robison didn't qualify to run that race, but she was in Massachusetts when the two bombs went off.

"It frightened me to be in Boston, but it didn't frighten me away from running at all. If anything it made me want it even more," Kendall Robison said.

Many other athletes have the same mentality as Robison. They are not letting the bombings stop a passion.

"The running club is stronger now then it ever has been," Mark said.

So a year later, they remember the victims, while also practicing for their return to Boston.

Robison said, she is "getting excited to go to Boston this year and see some of the greatest runners in the world."

One thing they want the world to know is "we're not afraid," Julie said.

A few athletes with the Decatur Running Club will be in Boston for the next marathon.

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