Big Cuts Could Come to Drug Treatment


SPRINGFIELD-Massive cuts could be coming to alcohol and drug treatment centers across the state. 

If the income tax drops from 5 percent to 3 point 75 percent, a spokesperson from the Department of Human Services tells WAND, their alcohol and drug treatment programs will lose nearly 30 million dollars.

He estimates more than 15 thousand people in Illinois would stop getting services. At Heritage Behavioral Center in Decatur, they say the cuts will be devastating. 

They say one of the biggest problems will be for heroin addicts.   They've seen a 300 percent increase in admissions for heroin and significant increases in overdose deaths and ER overdoses

The cuts in methadone treatment would be greater than 25 percent.

Bruce Angleman at the center  says not only would they have to stop taking new people into treatment, some currently in treatment might lose their spots. 

"We're going to see an increase in jail admissions," Angleman says.  "We're going to see an increase obviously in hospital admissions.  These are the types of services that not only do people get help recover and become productive members of society but also we keep people from those intense levels, those most costly levels of care."

Angleman says they'd also have to restrict or eliminate outpatient treatment.  He says other agencies will have to close entirely.  

  Governor Quinn's budget plan would preserve the income tax hike at 5 percent. Under his plan, the drastic cuts to the Department of Human Services would be avoided. 

But lawmakers say the income tax hike they passed was promised to only be temporary.  


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