Ten Arrested in Christian County Drug Sweep



Taylorville - Taylorville:  it's the county seat, and the heart of Christian County.

This county, according to some, has a bad reputation when it comes to drugs.

"I've always,when you say christian county, ohh they've got drugs, you know?  They're plagued with drugs, and meth."

This week's arrest of ten people, all on drug charges, is the latest in an attempt by law enforcement to crack down on drug problems within the county.

"While there are those who look at the drugs in Christian County as a problem, there are those who do see the positives of the situation, acknowledging the sheriff's office and the state police are doing what they can to crack down on the drugs.  And there are those who say the drug problems here are no different than anywhere else in the state."

"I think it would be the same as it would be in any other area."

Taylorville mayor Greg Brotherton told WAND News that,"unfortunately a lot of your towns across central Illinois have similar problems, and they don't have resources we are lucky enough to have here.  So their problems may be going unaddressed.  I would take the positive view on it, and I credit our guys for trying to clean up the mess."

The sheriff's office reports that there are still a few outstanding warrants out there for suspects, and if you have any information, you're encouraged to contact the Christian County Sheriff's Office.


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