Schools Could See Major Cuts in State Funding Aid


Springfield - Schools could see about $451M less in state aid funding if the temporary state income tax increase isn't extended according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

As illustrated by the state board of education's fiscal year 2015 forecast, school districts like Champaign could see a reduction of about three-quarters of a million dollars, in Taylorville, about $1.3M, in Decatur, just over $3M, in Sangamon County, Rochester schools could see a loss of $1M, and Springfield schools could lose over $4M.

Rochester's superintendent said instead of just talking about job cuts and program loss, some schools would actually have to discuss closing doors, and that is something no district, anywhere in the state, wants to see.

"I think the trend will not only continue, but you will actually see school districts across the state who cannot make payroll.  And at some point, those school districts will just have to close their doors," Bertrand told WAND News.

Lawmakers definitely have different perspectives on these potential cuts.

According to Bloomington Senator Jason Barickman,"the governor is painting a doomsday scenario so that he can scare voters into supporting a tax increase. He has his agencies proposing the worst possible cuts to the most critical services."

Meanwhile, Senator Andy Manar reported to WAND that,"we cannot have a serious conversation about "how much" we spend, until we fix "how" we spend our money, which is what we are working towards with our proposal to reform Illinois' school funding system, Senate Bill 16."

Lawmakers are expected to take up that legislation when they return to the Capitol in two weeks.

To see the spreadsheet with all the notational cuts, visit


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