Decatur Holds Town Hall Meeting About Fair Tax Act


Supporters of The Fair Tax Act hosted a town hall meeting Thursday evening in Decatur. Sponsors are on a statewide tour to encourage citizens and lawmakers to support the bill that must be voted on by May 1st. The legislation sets lower state tax rates for people with lower incomes, higher rates for those with higher incomes, and amends the state constitution.. eliminating the flat tax. Representative Christian Mitchell says these town hall meetings are meant to build momentum.

"I think that obviously as citizen legislators we serve at the pleasure of the people and I think when people come together and say look.. this could mean a tax cut for my family.. for 94 percent of families around the state," said Mitchell. "This is, you know, what I can do on my kid's tuition, or on a car payment or a mortgage payment. That's the kind of thing that people and legislators need to hear."

Opponents of the bill say making 6 percent of the population bear the majority tax burden is not realistic or fair. If lawmakers pass the bill, it will be up to voters in the November election.

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