Armed Man Shot by Police in Lincoln

Lincoln - Tina Baker said that business was slow Tuesday night, but for one man, 62 year-old Donald Letterle, drank too much at the Glass House Tavern and she asked him to leave.
However, after about 30 minutes Baker said that Letterle returned, visibly angry.
At that time, according to the IlliIllinoiste Police, local police responded to a call at the tavern for an altercation between the man and his girlfriend.
"It was just explosive, and when he turned that's when i saw the pistol on his side hip," Baker told WAND News.
When the man returned, that's when things went from bad to worse according to Baker.  
She said that without the police's help, she's afraid that she and the female victim may have been killed as well.
"I truly believe that we were in life threatening danger.  But in a mood like that, when you're that enraged, you never can tell what anybody's going to do," Baker said.
State police said that Letterle engaged the officer, and the officer opened fire, hitting and killing the him.
Baker added that while she understands police had to do their job, she felt bad that it ended the way it did.
"He wasn't a bad person.  All I know is that he was angry, and he left and came back with a gun.  It's a loss, it is a definite loss."
A female victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries.
State police continue to investigate this case.
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