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Howdy Model Citizens! The Grammy's were a huge let down for me. It's almost like everyone wanted to out-do each other on who could wear the most ridiculous thing possible! Some of the outfits were just laughable! 

Ms. Cyndi Lauper looked like she could be one of the Witches of Eastwick....

New comer Ariana Grande wore floral print in abundance AND white stocking! NO MA'AM.

5'2 Comedian Kevin Hart was not "short" on fashion at the Grammy's! So what I did there? I made a funny...

Amber Rose, made famous for being arm candy, did not miss the mark. She looked stunning!


Good morning Model Citizens! Winter can wreck havoc on our skin, leaving us dry, chaffed, and overall itchy! Fortunately, there are plenty of products out there that can address these very issues!

Clinique Three Step is an individualized skin care system that addresses skin issues for skin types ranging from dry, to combination, to oily! The three step system consists of a cleanser, an exfoliator, and a moisturizer. The start up isn't cheap (about 60 bucks), but it lasts a long time, works extremely well, and you probably will never have to spend that kind of cash again, as the products are unlikely to all run out at the same time. You can find Clinique three step if you click on the photo above. If you'd like to go in and try the products for yourself, visit Von Maur, or Bergener's, and tell them Taneica from WAND sent ya!

I have extremely dry skin during the winter, so I like to add an extra layer of moisture and protection with Clinique Moisture Surge. With temperatures in the single digits, folks like me, with extremely dry skin, need to have whatever moisture we put on our faces locked in, until we wash our faces! Moisture surge is SO WONDERFUL for dry skin. It's like dunking your face into a beauty smoothie! Seriously.

One more thing I should mention about Clinique is that their products are hypoallergenic, so that are perfect for folks with sensitive skin.

Another essential for the winter months is face masks! I use Oatafix from Lush Cosmetics. It's loaded with bananas, almonds, oats, and vanilla extract. Y'all, this stuff smells incredible (like oatmeal cookie dough to be exact)! I've made the mistake of falling asleep with the mask on my face, only to have my dog help himself to it. I bet he thought I was NUTS for putting food on my face! lol! Anyway, the good news is, this stuff is amazing. The bad news is, since it's made fresh and refrigerated, you have to go in store purchase it. The closest Lush Cosmetics to us is in Chicago....sigh. I'm a fan of Chicago, so when I visit, I just stock up, and free the pots of Oatafix that aren't in use yet! If you ever find a Lush store, go in and buy you a face mask! You'll love it, and so will your face!

For tired, dry skin, another mask from Lush worth trying is The Sacred Truth. Made with papaya, wheat grass, and green tea, not only will this face mask moisturize your skin, but it will wake you up too! This one is also a store only product.

Anyway, that's it for This Week In Chic! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit my Facebook page here! Stay tuned for next week's antics, as I will be reviewing the highs and lows of the Grammy Awards...oy vey! Lol! Have a fabulous rest of your week, and until next time, may the fierce be with you!

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Good Morning Model Citizens! The Golden Globes kicked off what's looking to be a faaaaaaaabulous award ceremony season. Sunday's array of designer gowns, flawless make up and gorgeous shoes did not disappoint in the least! Next award show will be the Grammy's, and that show is set to air on the 26th of this month (January), I'm not! Anyway, time restraints kept me from mentioning 3 actresses whose outfits affected me for the better AND worse...check them out!

Julia underwhelmed me in this gown. She looks like she should be waiting tables, not attending a fancy award show!

I didn't want to call her out on air, but J. Law was a disappointment in this get-up. The core of the dress is nice, but the execution of the ribbons is a sore lose in my opinion. She looks like a paper towel tube wrapped in ribbons. lol

I actually liked Sandra's dress! It was not as dressy as I would've liked, but it appreciate the color blocking.

Well Model Citizens, that's it for This Week In Chic! Send me your ideas, comments, and concerns!Have a fashionable rest of your week!

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Good Morning Model Citizens!!! I promised you a list of my favorite blogs, so here they are!!! Just Click on them and be prepared to be fashionably dazzled! Be fabulous, be inspired, and until next time, make the fierce be with you!

Wendys Lookbook

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*Correction: Carrie Bradshaw Lied Blogger Kathleen Williams lives in California, not New York.


Good morning Model Citizens! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Hopefully you rang it in with glass of something sparkly and folks who find you as fabulous as I do! I am super excited about what this year has in store fashion and beauty wise and can't wait to share every detail (good and not so great) with you! I just want remind everyone that this blog isn't mine, it's ours. Without your suggestions and ideas, I'd be doing nothing but yammering for 2-3 minutes about absolutely nothing. lol! Please continue to share your thoughts with me this year! I want to hear from YOU. What would you like to see more of? What topics are you interested in? Is there a product that you're curious about, but not brave enough to try? Maybe I can be a guinea! Anyway, email me right here or visit me on Facebook and tell me what ya want! I'd love to involve the viewers more into my weekly segment. Tell me how you think it should be done! This Week In Chic 2014 is about YOU. Ok, that's it for now, but stay tuned! More fun stuff will be coming soon! Have a fabulous rest of your week and until next time, may the fierce be with you!

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Good morning Model Citizens!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas day and got to enjoy your family and friends! Before you kick off your celebratory shoes, we have one more big holiday to celebrate before we close out 2013! With New Years eve on our heels, it's time to glam up! An excellent way to get the party started in a beautiful way is with Curlformers! I'm a fan of Curlformers and have been using them for a couple of years now. They're my go to product when I need to switch things up a bit or want more defined curls. Since my hair is very thick and coarse, it's very difficult to find curling tools like this that can actually curl my hair. One of the best things about this product is that it works on several different hair types. There's Curlformers in different lengths and widths so that you can get elongated, spiral curls, for different hair lengths! The downside to Curlformers is that they are time consuming to install, and uncomfortable to sleep in. But if you can turn on an episode of Grimm or Wheel of Fortune while you're putting them in, it will go fairly quickly. I've found that pulling the Curlformers down the length of my hair a bit so that my hair is not being tugged on helps a ton, helping me sleep a little better.  Other than those two points of contention, Curlformers are sturdy, reusable, give defined curls, and don't require any heat whatsoever. If you'd like to give them a try, you can find them at Sally's for $13.99. I also found them on Amazon, starting at 12.99. Sold separately, unless you get the kit, the wand doesn't cost more than $5.00.

If you need more info,

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Hello Hello Hello Model Citizens!!!

I hope today's segment sparked some ideas for your Holiday outfits! I managed to find some of the pieces featured and have put them below! For more information, click on the pictures! If there was something that I missed, shoot me an email or a Facebook message and I'll be sure to get back to ya! Have a fabulous rest of your week and may the fierce be with you!

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Hello Model Citizens! This post is coming a bit later in the day and is not as detailed as I would like, but I wanted to stop by and say thank you to the lovely local businesses who provided me with outfits for my Holiday Lookbook! Thank you to Talbots for my first look, Christmas Comfy. Everything seen was provided by the awesome store in downtown Decatur! My second look was from the fabulous folks at Merle Norman, Fierce leopard earrings and pendant included! My last look was from Marina's Bridal store in downtown Decatur as well! The lovely 1 carat, princess cut earrings and diamond and onyx necklace are from Bell's Jewelers, also in downtown Decatur! I just wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to these local establishments! Until tomorrow, have a fabulous day and may the fierce be with you!

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Good morning Model Citizens! If you're looking for something awesome to do this weekend, I have just the outing for you! La Belle boutiques in Urbana and Chatham are having Winter Fashion Shows this Saturday from 10AM-12 Noon! Winter clothes and accessories will be featured aaaaaaand (here's the best part) they will be 25% off of their already low prices! La Belle boutique is a Goodwill owned store that sells pre-loved, name brand clothing for reasonable prices! For those of us who want to look chic, but have a tight budget, thrift and consignment stores have amazing finds. Anyway, if you'd like more information you can contact Jarin Wilsey or Kayla Everett at their respective stores. I've put their contact info below. I'll see you all next week! Until then, have a fashionable day and may the fierce be with you!

Contact: Jarin Wilsey, 217-836-7553 (cell)

LaBelle Boutique, 114 N. Vine, Urbana, IL


Contact: Kayla Everett, 217-836-7202 (cell)

LaBelle Boutique 75 W. Plummer, Chatham, IL

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