Car crash and a shooting could be related

Springfield - A shooting is under investigation, possibly related to a car crash.

The shooting happened Wednesday, in the 2000 block of Stevenson Drive. Police say, shots were fired outside of a car. A 21-year-old woman walking by was hit in the foot. She is expected to be okay. The intended target, driving a Chrysler 200, tried to avoid the gunshots, crashing into a pickup truck on Stevenson Drive. Both vehicles were damaged.

Police are looking over surveillance video from a nearby business. They believe the shooting was intentional, the suspect's vehicle was seen circling the area before the shooting. Detectives are currently investigating any connection to a recent shooting on South 16th Street, as the same two groups appear to be involved.

No one was seriously hurt.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Springfield Police Department (217)788-8311 and/or Crimestoppers (217)7888-8427.
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