Beezin': Social Media Trend or Teen Trend?

 DECATUR-It's a so-called teen trend that's been making headlines. Kids smearing lip balm on their eyelids, supposedly to get high.

There are some videos that have popped up on YouTube and some photos on Instagram.  It's called Beezin'.

The users take Burt's Beeswax lip balm and rub it on their eyelids.  The lip balm has peppermint oil in it so when you apply it, it tingles. 
Some teens are apparently using it for a buzz.  They claim it adds to the experience of already being drunk or high. But most videos make it seem the teens are just acting out of boredom.

Peppermint oil has no hallucinogenic properties, so there really is no high from Beezin'. Many local news stations have been doing stories about it hyping up the craze sparking worry and anger from parents.  

Optometrists warn that the peppermint oil can burn and sting eyes, even leading to infection.  
As for now it seems like more of a social media craze than a teen craze.  
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