Bullied kids are more likely to bring weapons to school

An eye­opening study is out about bullying and just how many kids may be bringing weapons to school because of it.
Researchers at the Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York found that an estimated 200,000 high school students who have been bullied, bring weapons to school. Also, those who have been victimized in multiple ways are up to 31 times more likely to carry a knife or gun onto campus than those who have not been bullied at all.
Expert Susan Lipkins said, "when children are bullied, they often develop tremendous amounts of anxiety, depression and low self­-esteem. They feel helpless and at some point, they have to look around for help or they want to do it themselves. And i think it's at that point that they start to bring uh arms to school."
These surveys were filled out by 15,000 U.S. high school students. It also shows 1-in-­5 students report being bullied.
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