Local Lawmaker Opposes Permanent Income Tax Extension

Springfield - It's been three years since lawmakers temporarily increased the state income tax rate from 3 to 5 percent.

That increase is set to expire this year, and several lawmakers, as well as governor Quinn, are pushing for that increase to be a permanent one.

However, there are those who are not in favor.

Mattoon Senator Dale Righter said that instead of helping, extending the tax rate would make it increasingly tougher on taxpayers."

"In the three years this tax increase has been in place, state government has collected 26 billion dollars in additional revenue.  The schools and institutions i'm talking about have continued to be cut over the last three or four years, so i'm not sure what's in it for them.  Higher taxes is fewer jobs, our unemployment rate is higher than all five of our neighboring states.  It's higher than the national average, so there's a real cost to this tax increase going forward," Righter told WAND News.

Senate President John Cullerton has already said that passing this legislation will be a greater challenge in the Illinois House.
It could be a couple weeks before action is seen on this issue.
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