Local Acrobat Injured In Stunt Will Perform Again

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - One of the eight circus acrobats that fell approximately 20 feet to the ground during a hair hanging acts says she'll perform the stunt again.

Champaign native Samantha Pitard was released from the hospital Tuesday after receiving care for injuries sustained during a Sunday performance for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus.  Pitard and seven other acrobats were performing as a "human chandelier," hanging by their hair from an apparatus.  However, a clip at the top of the 350-pound apparatus snapped, dropping the acrobats to the ground, injuring them.

But Pitard tells The Associated Press: "you gotta get back up and do it again."

Pitard says her injuries are minor and include fractures to her spine, a cut on her head that required three stitches, and a badly bitten tongue. 
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