Area School Leaders in Favor of New Education Funding Formula

Springfield - Superintendents in the central part of the state would certainly like to see more money going to their respective districts.
That's why they came together Thursday to show their support for this legislation at the state's Capitol.
Many of the districts in central Illinois have been making multi-million dollar cuts to their budgets for the past five years.
Many of the superintendents from those districts said that while continued cuts could be possible, the academic process would be effected even more if those cuts happen.
That's something that superintendents don't want to see happen, especially for the children in their schools.
"We've trimmed all of the fat in edcueducationd that happened several years ago, and i think now we've gotten to the point where we're cutting to the core of education and that's where it becomes a real problem.  And you you will keep seeing education impacted if this addressed through this bill or another measure," said Decatur superintendent Lisa Taylor.
While a majority of downstate schools could see increases of new revenue in the millions, Chicago public schools could lose a little over $28M dollars.
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