Ohio Mulch Bags Underweight


SPRINGFIELD- The Illinois Department of Agriculture is alerting consumers that mulch products packaged and distributed by Ohio Mulch (UMS) have been found to be under volume in many Illinois retail locations.

The department's Bureau of Weights and Measures has discovered that particular bags of mulch manufactured at the company's Homerville, Ga., and Columbus, Ohio, plants contained less mulch than indicated on the package labeling.

A stop sale order initially was placed on all Ohio Mulch products.  However, after negotiations with the company, the department has agreed to temporarily rescind the order as long as signage is posted in retail stores carrying the products to warn customers that the bags may be under volume.

Ohio Mulch will offer per bag refunds, plus postage, to every consumer who purchased mislabeled products.   To obtain a refund, customers need to mail proof of purchase of these products to:  Ohio Mulch, P.O. Box 650, Blacklick, OH, 43004.  Questions about the refunds should be directed to the company at (614) 592-2793.

 The products included in the stop sale order are as follows:

        Longer Lasting Absolute Red #1931

        Longer Lasting Absolute Black #1951

        Pro's Choice Premium Cyprus #111

        Pro's Choice Golden Trophy Absolute Black #1952

        Pro's Choice Golden Trophy Absolute Brown #1982

        Pro's Choice Golden Trophy Absolute Gold #1902

        Pro's Choice Golden Trophy Absolute Red #1922

        Pro's Choice Golden Trophy Cedar Mulch #212

        Pro's Choice Golden Trophy Pine Bark Mulch #302

        Pro's Choice Golden Trophy Playmat Wood Fiber #1572

        Pro's Choice Golden Trophy Premium Cyprus Blend #112

        Pro's Choice Positively Black #1952PB

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