New Phone Scam Targeting Citizens Receiving Tax Bills

MACON COUNTY - A new phone scam is targeting citizens receiving tax bills this week.  The Macon County Sheriff's Office says a Macon County senior citizen received a call from someone claiming that he owed $2,000 in taxes.  The individual then tried to obtain personal information for payment from the citizen.  The call originated from a phone number with a 360 area code.

The Macon County Treasurer's Office says tax bills began arriving this week but the calls are a scam and that the treasurer's office does not solicit payments over the phone.  Citizens are being advised to ignore the caller and not to give out any personal information.

If an individual has questions regarding their tax bill, they can contact the treasurer's office at (217) 424-1426.  Individuals that have further questions regarding this scam can contact the Macon County Sheriff's Office at (217) 424-1311
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