Chickens Find New Home at Governor's Mansion

Springfield - The Governor's Mansion see's tens of thousands of visitors every year, but now tourists have a whole new reason to 'flock' to the Governor's Mansion.
You're more likely to see them on Green Acres than you are at the Governor's Mansion.
It is the only governor's mansion in the country that has a chicken coup.
These nine chickens are now governor Quinn's newest pets in Springfield.
However, it's not all fun and games, these chickens have important roles.
"The chickens are part of the sustainability efforts that we have going on here at the Governor's Mansion, and we were given the opportunity with these nine rescue chickens to actually do a sustainable food source for the executive mansion.  Not only do they produce eggs, but they also help us produce compost, and it's just a really, really good way to teach sustainability food practices in connection with the other sustainability things we do here at the mansion," governor's spokesperson Dave Blanchette told WAND News.
Despite a recent report that came out that showed people with backyard flocks of chickens have increasingly gotten sicker, the governor's staff has said they've taken all precautions to insure that people, and chickens, are as safe as possible.
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