The Only Marathon with a Buffet at the Finish Line

We've covered many marathons in the past, but none like the one in Springfield on Saturday afternoon.  If you saw people people running downtown and stuffing their faces at the same time, you may have been a little confused.  You don't find donuts, Elvis, and a portable barbershop at your typical marathon.  But at the annual Fat Ass 5K Charity Run, the word typical doesn't exist.

"As you go by the food stands you grab whatever food or drink it is and then you eat it along the way," said avid runner, Steve Pierz.

Some, like Ashley Satorius, come for the meats.

"I have been looking forward to a corn dog for a couple days now so i'm really excited about that," said Satorius.

And some come for the sweets.

"The donut holes are my favorite," said Pierz.

While some came out to gain calories and others lose them, they all share one main goal.. to give to the less fortunate.

"We're here to support charities.. to raise money," said Satorius.

The event has raised over 500 hundred thousand dollars in the six years it's existed.  This year alone.. it's expected to bring in more than 100 thousand dollars.  The organizers of the run choose 3 charities to send the money.

"Once you hear about it," said Pierz.  "Once you do it.  You come back year after year."

And once you finish the run, more food awaits.
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