Moms get a day off for Mother's Day.

Champaign -- Sunday was all about moms, and if it seems like they have more responsibilities than ever before, that's because they do. And families across Central Illinois gave mom a day off for Mother's Day.

More than four million mothers across the country were honored for a job well done on Sunday. And nearly 70 percent of moms in the United States don't only hold down the house, they also report to work.

"One of the main challenges is finding time for both," said Susan Cooper-Morphew, mother to a 21-month-old son. "You know, you got to spend time with him, make sure he's loved, and still get your work done, but it's worth it. Both parts are very rewarding."

To show their appreciation, Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Mother's Day gifts each year. But most moms say the holiday is about the simple pleasures.

"We had some blueberry pancakes this morning," said mother Krista Kincaid. "So that was perfect."

"He let me sleep in," said Cooper-Morphew. "That's a great prize."

But mothers say the best prize of all is putting a smile on their children's faces and getting lots of love in return.
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