Clinton Schools to Lose Money in New Funding Formula

Clinton -     While the state struggles with its finances, school districts are left to figure out their own.

At the Capitol, legislation is pending that would change how schools are funded in the state.

Schools with a lower tax base would get more money.

Those with a higher tax base would receive fewer state aid dollars.

However, some superintendents say that while this is a good "intention bill," it still causes problems for schools.

That's the case with Clinton schools, which could lose nearly $2M dollars, resulting in programs cut and bigger class sizes.

"We can't make that up without, basically our reserves that we've been very diligent about in terms of saving money where we can, would be gone in a matter of 2 or 3 years. This district has done it's due diligence as it relates to figuring it out by cutting and reducing staff, and increasing class sizes," Clinton superintendent Jeff Holmes told WAND News.

Without the state aid, schools would have to find other ways to make up for that lost money.

"Our property owners would have to expect a tax increase because there's no way we could survive without increasing our property taxes," added Holmes.

While clinton stands to lose, just down the road, Decatur schools would gain about $2.7M dollars.
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