2 Injured in Bounce House That's Blown 50 Feet in the Air

Soft and plush, it's easy to think that bounce houses are safe.

"I think they are," said one Decatur resident.

But an accident that left 3 children hurt on Tuesday has many people questioning it.  It happened in upstate New York.  Strong winds lifted a bounce house almost fifty feet into the air while kids were playing inside of it.  They fell out when it reached a height of 15 feet.

"Oh, that got me thinking," said another Decatur resident.

Bounce house vendor, Brian Pollie, says it was most likely because of improperly installed stakes.

"They may or may not have put enough stakes in it, or they might not have properly angled the stakes, or the soil might have been too soft for the stakes," said Pollie.

The stakes in this case were plastic, provided in a do-it-yourself bounce house kit.  It begs the question,  who's at fault, the makers of the kit, or the parents who assembled it.  

"If you bought it and set it up, you're really responsible for it," said Pollie.

However, if you rent one from a company such as airwalk action, they aren't responsible if your kids are hurt from horseplay.  But they are if there is a malfunction with the house that causes an injury.

"We would take all liability if there was anything negligent on our part.  Yea, I mean if our units were to blow away, for example, you know, that's on me," said Pollie.

Each do-it-yourself kit comes with specific instillation instructions, but many people don't follow them closely.  Even though they provide plastic stakes and not steel ones like rental companies do they can still be just as safe.
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