Artist Builds Masterpiece Using 3D Printing Technology

A passion for technology combined with creativity.  Romanian born artist, Ioan Florea, builds 3D printed art in a studio in Shelbyville.  Last year, Ioan Florea fell  deep into research of a new machine.  He says it could lead the future of engineering. It's the 3D printer.   

"For the first time in history, we can create an object in a virtual world, like the computer, and bring it to the real world.  By printing it, the real touchable object."

The machine can process a virtual blueprint of any 3D structure into its system and build it using plastic or other material.  Ever since laying his hands on one, he's been using it to make his artistic visions come to life.

"I've been using this technique and this technology on my paintings, some sculptures."

His largest project yet? A 1971 Ford Torino.  Florea used the 3D printer to create each unique pattern for the car's exterior.  He then blankets the 3D patterns with a top secret glaze making a final coat for the car. He says this is the car that will drive us into the future.

"I took a car that was created on the assembly line, traditional assembly line. And I fused it with the newest 3D printing technologies and materials."

And it doesn't stop there.  His next piece will be a fully furnished living space.  He's already started printing the walls.

"Inside the house, you'll have appliances and everything."

Florea's masterpieces have been touring all year and don't plan to stop anytime soon.
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