Police continue to search for Urbana intruder

Urbana -- Police continue to search for a man they say harassed one young woman with a gun and pistol-whipped another in an Urbana neighborhood early Saturday morning.

It's a neighborhood where the presence of police cars usually means an off-campus party is coming to an end, but that's not what brought officers to the 400 block of South Busey Avenue in Urbana early Saturday morning.

The commotion began around 2:30 in the morning, at the house Joe McMeniman's daughter shares with three roommates.

"One of the other girls in the house was inside, heard some noise outside her window, open the blinds and saw a man there, and he lifted up his revolver," said McMeniman.

The girl ran to the front of the home to tell McMeniman's daughter and son, who was visiting his sister for graduation.

"Our daughter was calling 9-1-1," said McMeniman. "And our son went out to the side of the house and confronted the man, and used some aggressive language toward the man and he fled."

But it did not take long for the suspect to return. Nearly two hours later, the man--described as under 40 years old with a medium build--stuck again. This time, he climbed through an open window and entered the house across the street.

Once inside, he wrestled with a resident and pistol-whipped her so hard, she broke her cheek bone. While she was treated for that, and other injuries, the suspect got away. Now, local law enforcement are investigating. On Saturday, detectives were spotted going door-to-door seeking information.

While the incident was a disturbing distraction from graduation festivities, it also showed McMeniman that some life lessons cannot be taught inside a classroom.

"I think the young folks acted appropriately and quickly and responsibly to this situation," said McMeniman. "But...this man that did this, he's bold and I hope we catch him."

Anyone with tips is asked to call the Urbana Police Department or Crimestoppers.

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