Job Outlook for College Grads is Bittersweet

Landing a job upon graduation.  Students say that in today's economy, nothing is more exciting.

"Through connections, this job happened to come."
"I do have a job lined up actually."

But not everyone is so lucky.

"I do not have a job," said Millikin graduate, Morgan Eilering.

Eilering doesn't have a full-time job in her field of study, but she has something.

"I'm going home and working a part-time job and trying to figure it out," said Eilering.

Many graduates this year have the same complaint. The latest jobs report shows that young adults, ages 20-24, are dealing with a  higher unemployment rate than the 25-29 age group.  Students say some fields are especially bleak.

"I think the majors that are having a hard time getting jobs right now, to be quite honest, are some of the business students," said Phil Armstrong.

Kelly Lipsey said, "I'm in a sorority and a lot of my sisters were freaking out.  Especially, the education majors.  That they weren't going to find jobs.  So every time they had an interview, they'd be like.. please be thinking of me."

Even still this graduating class is staying optimistic.

"I think there's always going to be a little nerves because you really never know what's going to happen," said Brian Kocher.  "But, everybody finds a way to make it work."
At the start of a bright future. The unemployment rate for 20-24 year-olds is down since March, but, still sits at 10.6%.
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