Third MERS Case Found in Illinois

A man in Illinois has contracted a Middle East Respitory Syndrome virus. The director of the Illinois Department of Public Health said, he is very concerned.

This person had two business meetings with a man who was infected. It would be considered not a close contact, but not a passerby. Now doctors are thinking that an individual can get it easier than they thought.

Dr. Lamar Hasbrouck, Illinois Public Health Dept., "well it looks like this will be the first case in the U.S. of contraction or transmission of MERS, so this makes us very concerned at this point. We'll still have to tease it out. It's kind of a gray area. We know this person has antibodies for mers, which means he was infected. It does not mean he is infectious. So that's the fine line and that's the difference."

MERS has no known cure. Although not all who are exposed to it become ill. There have been nearly 600 cases of mers worldwide and about 175 people have died.
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