Stephen Decatur Rose Society Helps Local Parks

DECATUR - The Stephen Decatur Rose Society is helping kick start the planting season by selling compost and fertilizer for a great cause!

Items on sale include compost brought in from Peoria and an organic fertilizer called "Monty's Joy Juice." Dan Keil, President of the Stephen Decatur Rose Society, called the product the "best fertilizer" he has ever used. 
Monty's Joy Juice is available in pint-sized bottles and sells for $8.50 per bottle. Keil said the product "is designed to go a long way;" only 1/2 teaspoon is needed per every gallon of water. Compost is also on sale for $5.50 per 40 pound bag.

Keil told WAND News the sale will continue as long as he has product to sell.
Proceeds will help beautify local parks. Washington Park in Springfield is one of the main benefactors.

Keil is a master rosarian who personally cultivates more than 400 varieties in his own yard.
Anyone with questions about the compost sale or about growing roses is encouraged to contact him at (217) 429-3468

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