The MCA National Mustang Show comes to Springfield!

Car lovers get ready!  The MCA National Mustang Show is in Springfield this year!  The convention kicked off Friday afternoon.

Jeff Wolfe has been making cars shine since he was a little boy.  A gift handed down by his father, a former mechanic.

"He had his own body shop and his favorite car to restore was The Mustang," said Wolfe.

Friday afternoon, Wolfe found himself showing his love for Mustangs, once again, at the MCA National Mustang Show.  Four hundred Mustangs side by side. Judged based on quality.  He's confident his car will win big.

"We placed first at the Secretary of State show, and then we also have a 57 Belair that we've won a couple best in shows with."

Wolfe isn't the only one who's confident they'll land a high score.

"Last year, my first show, I got a gold which is the highest," said Jerry Cafarelly.

Cafarelly is hoping his intense preparation pays off this year too.

"Bolt and nut restoration," said Cafarelly.  "Took everything off the car.. everything.. and restored most of the parts."

Wolfe's faith is in his car's attractive body.

"The white and red striping kind of makes it a little more special than your other GT 500s," said Wolfe.

Rather than being compared to the other Mustangs, Each car is scored individually on a point system.  If a car scores enough points, the owner receives a gold, silver, or bronze medal.  Participants say this gives the show a more positive vibe.

"'It's the people," said show chair, Chuck Brenner.  "At night, we just sit around and talk and have a good time and converse and exchange stories.  And it's just a fun time."

All are welcome to come see the amazing cars.  The show continues Saturday and Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  All proceeds go to the Shriner's Hospital for Children in St. Louis.
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