Watson Illinois Dedicates Park in Memory of Willow Long

Watson Illinois is no stranger to the word.. community.  When they heard that seven year old Willow Long went missing last year, they were determined to find her.

"We would go out every night to the field and pray that she was found with her family and safe.  We pulled together as a community and we were very hopeful we would find her."

What they found was devastating.  Willow's dead body.  The town has been mourning for quite some time, but decided they weren't going to let this story end in tears.  Instead, they built Willow Park to keep her spirit alive.  The park is finally complete and today the people of Watson celebrated with a cheerful dedication ceremony.

"Our community to pull together like this and raise money for willow park in watson, for kids to think about her and grow and learn and play in the community is really great."

Like many of the kids that play here, Ashley Harmann's daughter was one of Willow's classmates.  She says the park will show kids that their friend lives on.

"This event has been put in a lot of people's hearts and memories so i'm sure there will be more to come after this."

Making sure that Willow is never forgotten.
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