A Chatham Car Garage Becomes an Unofficial Tourist Attraction

When Debbie Wolfe began painting the garage of her Chatham home, she never expected it to grab her community's attention.  But with so much to see in such a small space, how could it not?

"It was neighbors.  People visiting our neighbors, said painter, Debbie Wolfe.  "And then our neighbors would ask, hey, our families in town this weekend... Would you mind if we should them your garage.  And then it was UPS people.. Fed Ex.  Then we just had people sight seeing, driving by to see if it would be open."

The garage depicts Wolfe's vision of the great Route 66.. an American highway she dreams of cruising one day.  That's why she has included each or her previously owned vehicles in the paintings on the walls, all done by herself.

"Someday I do.  I want to go there and I want to make sure that it speaks back to me the way i have envisioned it," said Wolfe.

She's been fascinated with Route 66 since she was a little girl.

"It was the mother of all roads.  That's how the Americans got across the nation. Which, i think, is legendary."

Debbie's been building the interior of the garage.. piece by piece.. for five years.  Her neighbors watching.. every step of the way.

"I couldn't believe she did all this," said neighbor, Darlene Lawing.  "She is such a good artist."

Wolfe says, "I hope someday it makes itself famous."

So that no one forgets it's importance in American history.
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