Restaurant, Apartment Burn in Lincoln

LINCOLN-A family lost both their home and their business in one night. Heavy fire in Chopsticks Asian Bistro started in the kitchen around 10 pm Monday night.
    Multiple departments responded.  Firefighters fought flames for two hours, before containing the fire.  
    Part of the roof, and the floor of the upstairs apartment caved in, much of what's inside has been reduced to ash. 
    The family with two small children who live upstairs also own the restaurant.  The fire has evicted them from their home and place of work. 
    Fire chief Mark Miller says their investigation into the cause is ongoing will require heavy machinery. 
    "We still need to look at furnaces, we still need to look at the electrical system," Miller says.  "They were closed for about the last ten days doing some remodeling."
    The Salvation Army is assisting the family with housing.
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